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How to make your own BTC Faucet


In this guide I will teach you how to make a bitcoin faucet on 2017. Making a Bitcoin Faucet it will not make you rich, but it will help you earn extra money and it does not require too much work or maintenance. I will list you here all the tools and materials that i used for building my Bitcoin Faucet GetCoins.Win back on 2016 and it has been making me a good amount of money. I am now getting more than 5k visits per day.

List of things you need for making a Bitcoin Faucet on 2017

Domain and Hosting

You will need somewhere to host your Bitcoin Faucet and a domain name.
For Hosting i really recommend HostGator because its very easy to setup everything and if you get stuck on something they have a really good support team that are always online trough a live chat. For the domain name i recommend Namecheap because they have better prices than a large amount of the market, and a nice selection of TLDs it is arguably the best place to go. They dont change the renew price like others company’s do.

Creating the Bitcoin Faucet on 2017

The good thing about creating a Bitcoin Faucet on 2017 its that you dont require any programming knowledge to make it. If you fallow this tutorial you will have your Bitcoin Faucet up and running in less than 30 minutes. We are going to use Epay.info as the payment processor for our Bitcoin Faucet and their script for building our site. First of all go to: https://myfaucet.epay.info/register and register an account. After you make the account go to Your Facuet >> Add new Faucet, and fill up all the info. Now you will need to go to Deposits (on the left menu) and activate your bitcoin deposit address. Now you can deposit some Satoshi (Bitcoin) to that address.

Downloading the the Bitcoin Faucet script

Now we are going to download the Bitcoin Facuet script, just go to https://github.com/epayinfo/simple_faucet/archive/master.zip and download and extract the script.

Uploading the files to your server

Now you will need to upload it to your server, you can do that with FileZilla. If you dont know how to upload files to your server just log in to your Cpanel Account and click on FTP Accounts. After you filled all the info and clicked on Create FTP Account it will be listed at the button and you just need to go to Configure FTP Client and it will list you all the details you need to connect via FileZilla.

Creating the database

Now you will need a database for your faucet. This is really easy to set up on your Cpanel, just go to MySQL Database Wizard and create the database and user and click Next, on the next screen you have to click on ALL PRIVILEGES and click on Next Step
making a bitcoin faucet 2017

Final Configurations

Log in to your Faucet administration panel and set up the API. Go Back to https://myfaucet.epay.info you will see your faucet listed there, click on Settings and you will find the API Key there. Now everything is done.

Making money

For making money you can use one of this networks
Anonymous Ads http://www.a-ads.com
Probably the oldest bitcoin ad network still running. Pays based on the amount of views, but is depends on which advertisers are advertising and their daily budget. I have used this network on all of my bitcoin projects and have been paid by it every time without fail. This ad network is for banner and text ads.
Minimum withdrawal – 0.0001BTC (No fee)

BitMedia http://www.bitmedia.io
This network displays both text and banner ads, and also boasts similar rates to Google Adsense. It also runs on a pay per click system.
Minimum withdrawal – 0.01BTC (No fee)

Getting Traffic

In order for this to work we need some traffic. The good thing about a Bitcoin Faucet its that you dont need to invest on traffic you can just post your new faucet on some forums and rotators.
Signup on http://ifaucet.net and add your faucet there. You can add your faucet to epay.info for free, just login to your account and under Your Faucet click on Add to rotator


As you can see making a Bitcoin Faucet its really easy you just need to spend some time on setting everything up.
If you have any questions feel free to comment below and i will answer everything 🙂